In a Indonesia poker 99 room, I am busy typing notes on my phone. In the background, two players announced “all in” and drew attention to the table where I was sitting.

The board reads {a-Diamonds} {10-Hearts} {7-Spades} {9-Hearts} {6-Hearts} and both players send out a flash. A hot red wave lit my face when I realized I was folding {8-Hearts} {7-Hearts} on flop when my bottom partner turned out to be bad. The big pot was not only passed on to other players, but I also lost the $ 1,000 high hand jackpot.

Many players have stories like this. If I …

Jackpots are exciting and pay big prizes for high hands, bad beats or royal flushes. They attract players to the poker 99 room and keep them sitting longer. The jackpot has been paid and the player is near failure.

But is the jackpot worth chasing? Do I need to customize my game to win the jackpot?

The “Home” perspective

Jackpots are funded by $ 1 or $ 2 from each pot and kept separately from the rake. Rake the house. Jackpot money belongs to the player and strict accounting for these funds is required in general casinos.

Winning the jackpot doesn’t mean winning or losing the house, it’s just processing money. So, on the other hand, the house doesn’t care about the winning payout.

But from another point of view, the house cares a lot. If the jackpot is set (say, $ 1,000 in the best hand in the room every hour), the house wants multiple winners. The more winners you have, the more topic and word of mouth will be created to help attract new players.

Other jackpots are progressive, without a winner and growing every day. Like the multi-state power ball lottery, the jackpot swells and the topic “Hmm, someone has to win!” Born. The house wants the progressive jackpot to be as big as possible so that expectations will become clear when more players will enter the room.

Poker99 jackpot

Most importantly, the house pays close attention to the players chasing the jackpot. The house wins as soon as it enters the pot only because of the charm of the jackpot. The more players you have, the more chips you have in the pot and the more likely you are to rake in.

Adjust the preflop range

Before considering any customization, consider why you are playing dewa poker. Here in the Strategy section of Poker99, we tend to assume that every dewapoker99 player is always trying to make as much money as possible. This is laudable, but many poker players are involved for other reasons.

Jack loosens the preflop range, especially for those who play poker99, mainly because they have time to gamble, enjoy social experiences, or kill, or for any other reason that is allowed to lose in the long run. You can increase your chances of winning the pot. Possible jackpot hands include all pocket pairs and all cards that match 3 slots or less. These simple raises can be done manually or called from any position. (Meanwhile, don’t forget to buy Powerball tickets!)

But if you play poker99 to make money, remove the jackpot and don’t adjust the range at all. Even if you win the jackpot, unsuitable scratch cards aren’t worth playing. You can’t win enough jackpots to make up for the leaked value by falling into a difficult and unprofitable situation.

Perhaps the most important consideration in preflop is whether other players are tracking the jackpot. If so, you may need to put a few extra hands within their reach.

Postflop adjustment

Be aware of the eligibility rules which tend to vary from dewa poker room to poker room. You can either draw to a card that qualifies for the flop jackpot, or you can just go right there. Even if you don’t adjust preflop, you need to be prepared.

Following are some examples of post-fail adjustments.